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At Eyes on the City, we provide the highest quality service to all our patients. Use the link below to schedule your annual eye exam. If you would like to schedule a different appointment type please call or email us at Please only select "New Patient" appointments if you have never had an appointment with us, and be sure to select "Contact Lens Eval" if you would like your contact lens prescription updated also during the exam. Thank you!

If you are experienceing any of the following symptoms, a medical appointment is required which can be more urgent than routine eye exams. Symptoms include: flashes, floaters, pain, swelling, blurry vision, limited field of vision, discharge, redness, irritation, dry eye, scratched eyeball, visible veins in eyes, and spot(s) on eyeball. Medical appointments cannot be scheduled online. To schedule this please call us at (206) 588-2814.​​​​​​​

Cancellation Policy - To respect the time of our providers as well as the patients on the waiting list, if an appointment is cancelled less than 48 business hours before it is scheduled there will be a $100 fee.

Optomap Policy - For every exam we require Optomap retinal imaging. We do this in place of dilation as it is more effective and does not impair the patient's vision for any amount of time! Most vision insurance plans do not cover this imaging and it will be a $39 out of pocket charge.

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