Optical Products

Please find below a comprehensive list of the products currently available in our clinic!. We take great care in selecting and endorsing only those products that meet our stringent standards and align with our commitment to patient well-being. Should you wish to acquire any of these products or seek further information, please visit our clinic or reach out to us via the provided contact link!

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Our price - $40.00


Our price - $56.00

P&C Lid Prep

Our price - $22.00

ProOmega – Softgels

Our price - $49.95

ProOmega – Liquid

Our price - $71.95


Our price - $79.99


Our price - $25.00

Tranquileyes XL

Our price - $80.00

Tranquileyes gel replacements

Our price - $20.00

Reading Glasses

Our price - $25.00
We have various styles, brands, and strengths that change as we restock


Our price - $20.00
Available in various colors, styles, and age ranges