Covid Masking Policy

In accordance with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Health Mask Order update, effective as of April 3rd, 2023, Eyes on the City will discontinue required masking.

We will provide masks for any patients who would like them. We also request that patients reschedule their appointments if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.

Our staff will also not be required to wear masks, though some still elect to. If a patient desires, the provider and/or optician managing their care are more than happty to wear a mask at the patient's request.

We require all staff to keep up with their covid and flu vaccinations. We also have a strict workplace illness policy, if a staff member is feeling any cold/flu/allergy symptoms, they are required to test and wear a mask regardless of results. If symptoms are minor and their covid test result is negative, they can remain at work while masked. If symptoms are moderate or worse they will be asked to go home for the duration of their symptoms.

Eyes on the City is committed to providing the best patient outcomes and will continue to follow Department of Health and CDC guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us!

Updated 04/17/2023